Pinky Jaq Big Band

  Pinky Jaq - 03/15/2001 - 12/06/2013
Most friendly, loving little puppy we have

ever known.

Pinky Jaq - Owner of this web site
This web site is dedicated to promoting Jazz Big Band music.
We offer a different form of Big Band - Perhaps more relevant 
to the modern era.   We have created Big Band music, but
use only rhythm instruments, and saxophones.   The sound can
be more mellow, or perhaps, some would say - sounds more
like an accordian?   Well being a saxophonist, I think it sounds like
.....  a mellow Big Band.  You can make your own judgments.
Anyway -please enjoy the music at your leisure.  Feel free to
download the posted songs.  They are kept here in MP3 format.  
From time to time, I will update the songs to give you better
quality recordings.
Soon we will be releasing our home grown next album, and it
will be available to purchase from here.
Here is the first album released by Pinky Jaq - Xmas Album -
.... have a listen....
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